Atomic: The Personal Development AI companion

A Global AI-led consumer subscription business
Ashish Sinha


Personal development is a $40Bn+ market - and is a B2C plus B2B2C opportunity.
The market, so far has had broken experiences - with some apps only focusing on learning (e.g. Blinkist) to some only on practicing a usecase (like Calm for sleeping)
A massive opportunity lies in building a unified hyper-personalized experience - using AI.
Atomic is doing this.

The Problem Statement

Ria, an ambitious professional in a high-growth company, realises the need for holistic personal growth alongside her successful career. Despite her time constraints, she enjoys reading books and listening to podcasts.
However, in the pre-GPT era, Ria turns to apps like Blinkist and others to consume condensed content. Yet, she lacks a platform to apply and practice what she learns. In her quest for personal development, she even subscribes to services like Calm.com, daily journaling apps, and mental health coaches.
Unfortunately, this fragmented approach provides a disconnected, isolated, and impersonalized experience for Ria - which won’t be accepted in an AI-led world.

The Big Opportunity

In an AI world, Ria should be served 100X better by a product that offers her:
Bite-sized content : curated from podcasts, books, videos, articles etc - in an interactive experience - just like WhatsApp stories or Insta stories.
Knowledge assistant for EnterprisesNot just Ria, her company has gone ahead and embraced Atomic as it gives their strategic teams access to industry specific knowledge - across news, market reports and even financial data from others (quarterly/annual reports) - all in a bite-sized / chat format.
Hyper-personalized AI : interactivity, like quizzes should be personalized (using AI) based on her personality type and goals.
Consumerized SAAS and SAAS-ified consumer experience
Atomic offers Ria and her colleagues the best of both the world - an elegant consumer experience that cuts across her personal as well as professional life.
Personal development copilots What if she gets access to a range of personal development (AI powered) copilots in one product - ranging from habit building to daily journaling to sleep music! ​Hyper-personalized for her!

Introducing: Atomic

Atomic is AI super-app that brings together the wisdom of books, podcasts, videos, articles in bite-sized /format (multi modal, text+audio); and transformative AI assistant apps, delivering the perfect combo that delivers an engaging and an actionable experience.
Atomic Ideas Collage.png
Atomic aspires to be the lifelong companion for a professional - helping them in all stages of their career. This is a high LTV business.

Notes on TAM and Competition

Personal development space is $40Bn market, growing at a CAGR of 5.5%. Tailwinds include the increasing need for better inter-personal skills and rising importance of mental and emotional health.
Competition: Existing players offer broken experience - and have a very high cost of content development.
Calm at ~$500mn ARR / 4 million paid users/ valued at $2Bn+
Blinkist acquired by Go1 (valued at $2 Bn+)
Pi (Reid Hoffman’s AI startup) has raised $1.3Bn
Generative AI gives us a huge leverage to bring an orbital shift in the space and capture the value.

The team and next steps

Atomic is led by Ashish Sinha (IIT/IIM/founder of NextBigWhat) and Neeraj (AI engineer with a strong product management background).
Launching with 100,000 ideas! (90% of Blinkist catalogue + a lot more)
Targeting working professionals globally.
Current status: App’s first version will be ready in 20 days.
Leverages nextbigwhat.com’s reach and scale - enabling a massive GTM push.
Raising $2mn pre-seed round to scale this up.

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